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Debbie DeMarco


"I think these tough economic times have also helped shift my perspective on what's important, and as a Timewarpian, I am gravitating toward the more simpler ways of life - of staying home and cooking, doing the homemaking, and eventually (hopefully) caring for children."

Debbie DeMarco is a fun and perky gal who is very passionate about life. Although she found herself unemployed, she took the opportunity and courage to start her own online cosmetics business, Debbie loves everything vintage. And she happens to look a lot like her biggest vintage inspiration, Audrey Hepburn.

Debbie grew up in Massachusetts near Boston.  When she was a very small child, she longed for a warmer climate and had her heart set on California.  When walking home from school with her grandmother up a steep hill in the blistery wind and snow, Debbie would say, "When I turn 18, I'm moving to California!" And she did.  She now lives in California with her partner of eight years. Debbie said that their relationship feels like a Timewarpian relationship. "He is bringing home the bacon, and I am doing the housekeeping, making meals, running the errands - tasks we used to share 50/50 (as we did the expenses). To be honest, I kind of like this arrangement better."

Ever since she can remember she loved singing. As a child she even had a chance to be on television and on the radio. Debbie still writes songs and plays guitar as a way of self expression. She even auditioned for American Idol a few years ago.

Her passion for vintage started when her grandmother use to show her black and white photos of her and her friends and her husband from the mid 1920s through the 1970s.  "My favorite periods were the 40s and 50s.  I just adore the hair, makeup, and clothing styles from those periods and have brought them into my 21st century life. Being compared to Audrey Hepburn a few times in my life (and not really knowing who she was), I watched the film Roman Holiday. Now I take it as the highest compliment if anyone suggests even a subtle resemblance, whether in looks or demeanor."

For many years Debbie worked as an Office Manager/Administrative Assistant. She then decided to complete her Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Behavioral Science, Communication, and English. Debbie wanted to work in the social work field and took a position as an Intake Coordinator and Case Manager at a major non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.  "It really broke my heart to see the conditions that so many families in my very own community were living in.  The toughest part were hearing women and children talk about their experience with domestic violence in their home.  In fact, as much as my heart was in the right place with wanting to serve others in social work, I began to take on the client's traumas, as they triggered me to remember things from my own past, and I took ill.  I had to get out of the field."

Debbie found herself unemployed but avidly seeking work. But in 2009 she found the courage to start her own business, Ever After Cosmetics. "Having lost my job and unsure of my direction or what I was supposed to do, I decided to tap into my interest in self-care and how good it made me feel to take good care of myself, including my appearance. Thus began my work with makeup and cosmetics."

Debbie took two courses from the revered professional makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, of YouTube fame.  Afterward she set sail establishing herself.  "Every little sale helps out right now. And I take pride in wrapping each order and shipping it myself." Debbie hopes that some day her company may get too big to do this for every order, but she hopes she will still find ways to make a personal connection with her customers.

Before she decided to sell a particular line of cosmetics. Debbie sampled and tried cosmetics from many different lines. She eventually narrowed down what she was looking for: High Quality Products, Made in the USA, and Not Tested on Animals.  She finally came across two lines that meet these expectations: LipSense and Besame Cosmetics.

LipSense: It's a semi-permanent lipstick that pretty much lasts all day. It doesn't transfer onto your glass, or come off when you eat, or when you give a kiss. The range of colors and the fact that the company doesn't test on animals make it worth the price. Debbie said that when she tested this product, she was so impressed that she just had to sell it. Besame Cosmetics: Is a one-of-a-kind vintage reproduction make up line. When Debbie came across this product she realized that she could channel her efforts and energy into a special niche: Makeup for the Retro and Rockabilly crowds. "I love all things vintage, and it all just came together."

And like any startup business, there are some challenges. Debbie explained that some of the challenges of having a cosmetics business is being able to keep up with having items in stock to satisfy your customers' desires. It is an investment, and you just never know what colors someone is going to order on a given day. On the other hand Debbie said the perks of selling makeup are immense. She loves selling makeup, because she knows how good and confidence it makes her feel. "I am connecting with women all over the world who share common interests (makeup, beauty, retro, vintage, etc.), and I get to chat with professional makeup artists, models, actresses, and every day women who are excited about what my company has to offer."

Although Debbie's YouTube channel started as her journey to become a makeup artist, she now shares her interests around makeup, style, life, and business. "I also do vintage hair tutorials, relevant book and movie reviews, and sometimes I review cosmetics outside of the lines that I sell."

"The MUAinTheMaking" is Debbie's personal blog where she shares her day's activities, pictures, and thoughts. "My blog posts range from makeup and cosmetics to my own personal victory over an eating disorder, to contests that I run for my readers.

When asked to describe her vintage style, Debbie said, "I would say that I like to mix it up with some winged black eyeliner, red lips, and then contemporary clothes. Audrey Hepburn is my biggest vintage influence, though when I am feeling sultry and sexy, I lean towards influences from Rita Hayworth."

We asked Debbie what year she would visit if she could travel back in time. "I would go back to 1953, the year that Roman Holiday was released."

"I have pretty much always desired to go back in time to the 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. I am not fully immersed in the lifestyle but am quickly becoming a true Timewarpian. One of Debbie favorite's vintage places on the Internet that inspires her is the "LisaFreemontStreet's" videos on YouTube. She added,  "This gal recreates period hair styles and makeup looks and is very authentic."

When asked to describe herself, Debbie said, "I am a kind and loving soul who is very open and who, in my deepest heart of hearts, loves Life."

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