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Los Angeles, California

“I, just like many girls, admired the time it took for women back in the golden days to do their hair. I decided to try them and was amazed at how simple, yet glamorous it was to do.”

This California-born gal loves to share her ideas about beauty and glamour with her Youtube viewers while she works full time and takes care of her housewives duties. If you love online tutorials, you are going to absolutely love Iris' vintage hair and makeup tutorials.

A native of East Los Angeles, Iris describes herself as a multitasking housewife, who enjoys sharing her ideas with countless girls who have similar interests, via the Internet. Her hobbies include amateur sewing and walking. Her talents include singing and amateur hair styling.

Iris' all time favorite movies are the Spanish old school movies from the 50s, “because they remind me of my parents. And I loved looking at the hair styles the actresses wore. Like movies with Pedro Infante.”

For a living Iris works in an office 9 to 5 and then she comes home to her wifey responsibilities. When she has some down time, she likes to relax or hang out with her husband. And once in a while, when she has extra time then she will make her videos.

We asked Iris how she started her Youtube hair tutorials. “For my 30th birthday, I had a Hollywood glam party where everyone came dressed as their favorite Hollywood celebrity. I was a pin up housewife. Everyone kept asking me about my hair. I uploaded a video days later to show my friends how to do my style and the video received tons of hits. I also received requests to make more. And since I knew how to make more styles, here we are.”

Her passion for vintage hair style started when she posted on Youtube and found that there were many more girls who felt the same way about these retro looks. Besides hair and beauty tutorials, Iris also does beauty products reviews and recommendations.

Iris have been making hair tutorials for two years on Youtube and 15 years outside of Youtube. She learned to style her hair in her house in front of several mirrors. In her videos she features a variety of hair tutorials. From pin up girl styles, to the 70's, the 1920-30s, as well as every day looks. So there is a hair style for different tastes.

In addition, Iris video tutorials are available mostly in English and some are in Spanish. Her hair tutorials are easy to follow and fun! Anyone can make themselves look glamorous in a matter of minutes!

We asked Iris what is her favorite vintage hair and clothing style. “Rosie the Riveter is my favorite hair style, because you can wear it all day as you work around the house. And take it down for play time. Clothing style, I would have to say 50's denim casual!”

What is your must have beauty product?
"Lip gloss!"

Do you have a favorite vintage place or thing that inspires you? “Second hand shops are a favorite. Also, I like browsing and shopping at Tarantula Clothing Company."

Iris have also participated in some modeling for vintage stores and for vintage photographers. She said that she likes getting all dolled up. Iris also mentioned to us that she just likes all things that are pretty and that vintage happens to be one of them.

We asked Iris if she had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why?
“I would have to say the 50s. Because, times seemed to be simple back then.”

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