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Gabriela Hernandez

Besame Cosmetics Inc.

“My inspiration comes from the past, from my grandmother's antiques, from old memories, from the smell of vintage cosmetics, from the desire to make something that makes women feel special.”

Gabriela Hernandez, owner and designer of the vintage inspired Besame Cosmetics Inc., started her company to express her art designs. Inspired by her grandmother's antiques and her love for vintage cosmetics, this successful businesswoman has brought classic femininity back again.

This Argentinean-born designer arrived at the U.S. at the age of 12. Gabriela started her love for design since she was very young. As a child she used to draw and paint. And for the past 20 years she has been a successful designer and businesswoman.

Her company Besame Cosmetics, Inc. evolved from her design business. Gabriela was designing packaging and began to develop designs for products she would like, with designs inspired by her grandmother's antiques. “I started the company as a way to express my art. I design everything in the line, including the containers and colors, as well as formulas. I consider my line more artwork than make-up.”

Like most new startup businesses, Gabriela had to also meet her own challenges. “In the beginning it was very difficult to find manufacturers who would work with us. We were small and unknown, so it was a risk many did not want to take. Also, financing was very difficult. We had to do things in stages and self-finance the company.”

Gabriela attributes her business success with being persistent. “I am persistent and do not take no for an answer. I am also very determined and focused.”

What advice will you give to anyone starting their own business?
“Research your business well before starting. Take into account that you will need more money than expected and it will take longer to make it back.”

In addition to designing her products and taking care of her business, Gabriela is also a mother and a wife. We asked her how she balances being a business woman, a wife, and mother. “It is a constant juggle of priorities and choices. I turn one on and turn the other off several times a day.”

Now for the past 6 years Besame Cosmetics, Inc. has become a successful business. And what Gabriela likes about her business is how it changes. “The constant evolution of product, the satisfaction of holding something I created, the delight in my customer's faces.”

Besame Cosmetics, Inc. carries a beautiful array of products: powders, rouge, lipsticks, mascaras, liners, glosses, shadows, foundations, concealers, and balms.

Their most popular products are their lipsticks. They carry the original 40s bullet lipstick, a mini with rich color and a full size Voluptuous lipstick set.

We asked Gabriela what makes her business unique.
“Our designs and colors are unique and vintage inspired. We use natural ingredients. Our colors are rich and long-lasting and we do not test on animals. We are the only company that makes true reproductions of period colors. We design and manufacture in the US and all our products are unique and memorable.”

Besides designing her line of products Gabriela has also work with many films and television shows on period looks.

“We have returned femininity and elegance, and reinvented traditions of the past in our make-up collections, making Classic American glamour cosmetics,” said Gabriella as she described her company.

Gabriela finds inspiration in the things that she loves. “All vintage make-up inspires me. I love old compacts, perfume bottles, and hats. I love Europe because some places there still look the same as they did hundreds of years ago, so it is easy to transport yourself in your mind to another time.”

She also admires Hollywood actresses of the past like Bacall, Hepburn, Dietrich, Monroe, Hayworth, DelRio. “They had impeccable style, a sense of confidence, and poise that is missing from Hollywood today.”

We asked Gabriela what year she would visit if she could travel back in time.

“I would like to visit 1945, but not stay there. I would like to see first hand how things were made and how women groomed themselves.”

When asked to describe herself in one sentence, Gabriela said, “a classic lady.”

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