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Lorelei Lee

Dallas, Texas

“I love wearing vintage, listening to old music, watching old films, and dancing. But I also love taking care of my husband and making sure he is comfortable.”

As a teenager, Lorelei Lee started buying antique dresses. Years later she is an Antique Dealer, a wife and a homemaker. She loves the clothes from Gone With the Wind, the handsome and rugged Clark Gable and the soulful Billie Holiday.

For the past year, her husband has been overseas serving in the Navy, so right now a typical day is a tad different than it will be when her husband comes home. But on a typical day she would take her dogs out for their morning walk, then tidy up the house before heading out to search for antiques at auctions or garage sales. “That can sometimes take all day. But its worth it when you find that perfect piece.”

When Lorelei’s husband is home, she tries to make breakfast for him before he heads to work. “I like to make sure the house is in order before he gets home so he doesn't have to worry about anything. I will take care of any errands and pay the bills during the day. When he comes home I'll make dinner, sometimes he will if their is something he wants to try. We will talk about our days and maybe watch a movie."

Lorelei mentioned that she loves wearing vintage, listening to old music, watching old films, and dancing. But she also loves taking care of her husband and making sure he is comfortable. “Its wonderful to cook a nice dinner, sit down at the table, and talk about our day. We have our roles in the household. He will work, mow the lawn, take care of the cars. I love to cook, clean, plant in our garden.”

At the same time her husband doesn't mind helping her if she needs it, and she doesn't mind helping him either. “We are there for each other no matter what, and we can talk to each other about anything. Our marriage is very strong.”

We asked Lorelei about her retro photo shoots. “I've always loved pin ups and the old Hollywood images I would see in magazines, books, and on television. I started out just having some photos done to send to my husband overseas.” She then started getting contacted by other photographers. So far she has worked at Miss Missy Photography in Fort Worth, DarkIllumination Photography in Fort Worth and other photo studios in Austin and Dallas. Lorelei said that currently her photos are not for sale. Perhaps they will be in the future, if there is enough interest.

Lorelei’s passion for vintage started as a little girl when she would play with her great grandmother's tea set. She started buying antique dresses as a teenager. Then she began buying dresses from the 1800's to 1920's. “Over the years, I have collected many antiques and my collection has slowly but surely taken over the house”, she said.

Lorelei favorite vintage place that inspires her is Jefferson, in East Texas. Most of the houses are from the late 1800's to 1930's. “It is full of grace and beauty. We enjoy going there whenever we get the chance. In fact, that is where we got married!”

The Victorian Elegance Show is one of Lorelei‘s favorite events. It takes place in February and September. Antique dealers from all over come and sell their things. They usually have a fashion show where the models wear antique clothes. Some people will go dressed in their Victorian finery. “I actually just had an 1880's dress made to wear to the event this year,” Lorelei added.

We asked Lorelei what year she would visit if she could travel back in time.

“I like the 1780's because of their clothes. If I have to choose just one time period it would most likely be 1940's after the war. The music, style, and people just seemed so wonderful at that time. Not to mention, the modern conveniences that they had in the 1940's compared to 1700's.”

Lorelei’s Favorites:

Film-Gone With the Wind-love the clothes

Music-Glenn Miller Orchestra-light and fun. Makes your feet start tapping.

Singer-Billie Holiday-soulful.

Actress-Marilyn Monroe-beautiful. Very funny.

Actor-Clark Gable-He is so handsome yet rugged.

When asked to describe her vintage style Lorelei said, “Classic pin up with a glam/rockabilly twist.”

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Lorelei Lee

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Spokesmodel for Betty Bows and accessories.

In October Lorelei be in LA for the Lipstick Vogue fashion show:

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