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Gabriela Hernandez

Besame Cosmetics Inc.

“My inspiration comes from the past, from my grandmother's antiques, from old memories, from the smell of vintage cosmetics, from the desire to make something that makes women feel special.”

Gabriela Hernandez, owner and designer of the vintage inspired Besame Cosmetics Inc., started her company to express her art designs. Inspired by her grandmother's antiques and her love for vintage cosmetics, this successful businesswoman has brought classic femininity back again.

This Argentinean-born designer arrived at the U.S. at the age of 12. Gabriela started her love for design since she was very young. As a child she used to draw and paint. And for the past 20 years she has been a successful designer and businesswoman.

Her company Besame Cosmetics, Inc. evolved from her design business. Gabriela was designing packaging and began to develop designs for products she would like, with designs inspired by her grandmother's antiques. “I started the company as a way to express my art. I design everything in the line, including the containers and colors, as well as formulas. I consider my line more artwork than make-up.”

Like most new startup businesses, Gabriela had to also meet her own challenges. “In the beginning it was very difficult to find manufacturers who would work with us. We were small and unknown, so it was a risk many did not want to take. Also, financing was very difficult. We had to do things in stages and self-finance the company.”

Gabriela attributes her business success with being persistent. “I am persistent and do not take no for an answer. I am also very determined and focused.”

What advice will you give to anyone starting their own business?
“Research your business well before starting. Take into account that you will need more money than expected and it will take longer to make it back.”

In addition to designing her products and taking care of her business, Gabriela is also a mother and a wife. We asked her how she balances being a business woman, a wife, and mother. “It is a constant juggle of priorities and choices. I turn one on and turn the other off several times a day.”

Now for the past 6 years Besame Cosmetics, Inc. has become a successful business. And what Gabriela likes about her business is how it changes. “The constant evolution of product, the satisfaction of holding something I created, the delight in my customer's faces.”

Besame Cosmetics, Inc. carries a beautiful array of products: powders, rouge, lipsticks, mascaras, liners, glosses, shadows, foundations, concealers, and balms.

Their most popular products are their lipsticks. They carry the original 40s bullet lipstick, a mini with rich color and a full size Voluptuous lipstick set.

We asked Gabriela what makes her business unique.
“Our designs and colors are unique and vintage inspired. We use natural ingredients. Our colors are rich and long-lasting and we do not test on animals. We are the only company that makes true reproductions of period colors. We design and manufacture in the US and all our products are unique and memorable.”

Besides designing her line of products Gabriela has also work with many films and television shows on period looks.

“We have returned femininity and elegance, and reinvented traditions of the past in our make-up collections, making Classic American glamour cosmetics,” said Gabriella as she described her company.

Gabriela finds inspiration in the things that she loves. “All vintage make-up inspires me. I love old compacts, perfume bottles, and hats. I love Europe because some places there still look the same as they did hundreds of years ago, so it is easy to transport yourself in your mind to another time.”

She also admires Hollywood actresses of the past like Bacall, Hepburn, Dietrich, Monroe, Hayworth, DelRio. “They had impeccable style, a sense of confidence, and poise that is missing from Hollywood today.”

We asked Gabriela what year she would visit if she could travel back in time.

“I would like to visit 1945, but not stay there. I would like to see first hand how things were made and how women groomed themselves.”

When asked to describe herself in one sentence, Gabriela said, “a classic lady.”

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Gabriela Hernandez/ Besame Cosmetics Inc.

Contact Information

Gabriela's Website: Besame Cosmetics Inc.

Press Release: Besame Cosmetics Press Release

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Fiona/Notorious Kitsch

London, England

”We provide a one-stop shop for vintage-inspired, kitsch, and retro goodies for you and your home!”

Wife and London businesswoman Fiona owns "Notorious Kitsch", an online store which offers the best products that have a vintage, retro, and kitsch twist. Find out how she is able to balance her family life and business successfully.

Fiona is from a small town in the North East called Eaglescliffe. She moved to London when she was 20 and has been in the South East where she and her husband resides. Since her late teens, Fiona has been interested in vintage clothes, lifestyle, and music. For some time she had the idea of selling retro. That idea became a reality in 2007 when she founded her company Notorious Kitsch.

It all started when Fiona and her husband visited the US on holiday’s. They would come back home with loads of vintage clothes, home ware, vintage inspired things like notebooks, photo albums, and cocktail swizzle sticks. “You name it we bought it. So I got to thinking where do you buy these things in the UK because I never find them! It was a long time in planning and we did have a false start when we got going and had to put it on hold for a couple of years. However eventually we started full time in January 2008.”

One of the things that Fiona loves about her business is the buying and selling. She loves searching for fabulous things that she knows people will die for when they see them. Also she likes finding the little things that are useful but that have that vintage/retro/kitsch twist. “Who would have thought that the vintage design tea towels on the site would be one of the most popular, they are very nice yet seem so mundane, but people want nice things in all areas of their life!”

Fiona also loves selling at events. And despite the hard work in setting up the things for the event, Fiona enjoys the face-to-face connection that she gets with her customers. “There’s nothing nicer than seeing people so enthusiastic about what you are selling, or them decided to redecorate their whole bathroom on the basis of a shower curtain you are selling, obviously I don’t get to see this much when selling online, so it’s nice to see customer reaction.”

She and her husband have been in this business together for over a 1-½ years. Even though Fiona loves her job and finds it very rewarding, she and her husband had their share of challenges.

“It’s a full time job, it’s almost impossible to run a professional company part time, although I know some people do it, I’m sadly not that much of a wonder woman! Having said that, it’s made things tougher financially as my husband can’t work due to a disability so it’s meant that we have had to tough out the worst recession to hit since the 30’s whilst trying to build a new business!”

We asked Fiona how she is able to balance being a businesswoman and a wife?

“I don’t find that the balance is a problem, but that’s probably because my husband is my biggest cheerleader! Also I don’t have an old fashioned attitude towards being a wife, and fortunately neither does my husband.”

What are your best business attributes?

”Positivity and enthusiasm.”

One of the things that make Notorious Kitsch unique is Fiona herself. “I try very, very hard to find the best repro vintage, retro and kitsch products I possibly can, and most importantly make sure it’s good quality and not rubbish. I don’t want to buy something that looks good but falls apart in a week and neither do my customers. I think very hard before committing to a line whether my customers would love it or not. I don’t listen to ‘trends’. We’re not in that business. We’re in the business of giving people what they want, so I listen and respond to feedback. I’m also big on customer service. One of my biggest bugbears is bad customer service, can’t stand it. So at NK you will always get excellent customer service.”

Notorious Kitsch carries a variety of retro inspired items. They carry everything from Hula Girl shower curtains, to repro vintage tablecloths, to Anne Taintor cocktail flasks, to retro football wash bags. “We carry what we find and we like within a certain theme.”

Their popular selling item changes according to the season. Some of most popular items range from the hula girl shower curtain to the tiki mug and mini tiki mugs. One of their most popular items is their drying up clothes. “Strange but true,” Fiona adds.

Fiona said that she loves the 50’s, vintage clothes, and in her opinion the 50’s R 'n’ B is the best music by far. She also embraces modernity, however. “Although we’re more mix & match people, we do have a lot of 50’s furniture including a fabulous cocktail cabinet, but we also have modern repro stuff.”

We asked Fiona if she was a Timewarpian.

“I was much more Timewarpian when I was younger, but as I’ve got older I realize I like many things and my ‘timewarpian’ ways were stopping me experience them. Would I prefer a fabulous 50’s house with all the trappings? Well, yes. But I’d still like all my modern bits, even if they were hidden away stylishly. Sadly I don’t have all the money in the world, so currently it all sits side by side and seems very happy! I have to say; I don’t judge either side of the fence on this one. I can see the appeal of having a house totally in one period. I’ve walked into such houses and thought, wow I wish my house looked like that, or I wish I had that car. But in reality, I like my mix and match lifestyle, that way I get the best of both worlds.”

If you had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why?
”Probably early 50’s America, because I particularly like the clothes, music, furniture and houses from then, but the truth is I wouldn’t want to. I like being able to wear those clothes, listening to that music and leading a modern woman’s life!”

Fiona’s favorite old black and white film is It’s a Wonderful Life. Her favorite old time movie actress is Ava Gardener. The reason why she likes this actress is because she wants to look like her.

When asked to describes herself, Fiona said, ”I’m a 50’s girl with a bit of late 40’s thrown in!”

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Fiona/ Notorious Kitsch

Contact Information and Upcoming Events :

Update: Notorious Kitsch Closed it's store.

You can follow Fiona at Twitter:

New Blog: Straight Talking Mama

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Los Angeles, California

“I, just like many girls, admired the time it took for women back in the golden days to do their hair. I decided to try them and was amazed at how simple, yet glamorous it was to do.”

This California-born gal loves to share her ideas about beauty and glamour with her Youtube viewers while she works full time and takes care of her housewives duties. If you love online tutorials, you are going to absolutely love Iris' vintage hair and makeup tutorials.

A native of East Los Angeles, Iris describes herself as a multitasking housewife, who enjoys sharing her ideas with countless girls who have similar interests, via the Internet. Her hobbies include amateur sewing and walking. Her talents include singing and amateur hair styling.

Iris' all time favorite movies are the Spanish old school movies from the 50s, “because they remind me of my parents. And I loved looking at the hair styles the actresses wore. Like movies with Pedro Infante.”

For a living Iris works in an office 9 to 5 and then she comes home to her wifey responsibilities. When she has some down time, she likes to relax or hang out with her husband. And once in a while, when she has extra time then she will make her videos.

We asked Iris how she started her Youtube hair tutorials. “For my 30th birthday, I had a Hollywood glam party where everyone came dressed as their favorite Hollywood celebrity. I was a pin up housewife. Everyone kept asking me about my hair. I uploaded a video days later to show my friends how to do my style and the video received tons of hits. I also received requests to make more. And since I knew how to make more styles, here we are.”

Her passion for vintage hair style started when she posted on Youtube and found that there were many more girls who felt the same way about these retro looks. Besides hair and beauty tutorials, Iris also does beauty products reviews and recommendations.

Iris have been making hair tutorials for two years on Youtube and 15 years outside of Youtube. She learned to style her hair in her house in front of several mirrors. In her videos she features a variety of hair tutorials. From pin up girl styles, to the 70's, the 1920-30s, as well as every day looks. So there is a hair style for different tastes.

In addition, Iris video tutorials are available mostly in English and some are in Spanish. Her hair tutorials are easy to follow and fun! Anyone can make themselves look glamorous in a matter of minutes!

We asked Iris what is her favorite vintage hair and clothing style. “Rosie the Riveter is my favorite hair style, because you can wear it all day as you work around the house. And take it down for play time. Clothing style, I would have to say 50's denim casual!”

What is your must have beauty product?
"Lip gloss!"

Do you have a favorite vintage place or thing that inspires you? “Second hand shops are a favorite. Also, I like browsing and shopping at Tarantula Clothing Company."

Iris have also participated in some modeling for vintage stores and for vintage photographers. She said that she likes getting all dolled up. Iris also mentioned to us that she just likes all things that are pretty and that vintage happens to be one of them.

We asked Iris if she had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why?
“I would have to say the 50s. Because, times seemed to be simple back then.”

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Contact Information

Video Tutorials:Iris Youtube Videos


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Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden

“When I think of living in the 40's and 50's, for instance, I think of living in a much purer and more optimistic atmosphere - an atmosphere filled with charm and beauty, a time where people were attracted to and loved things that were beautiful and sweet and charming!”

Charlotte would have liked to have been an old-time movie star, provided, she says, that they made great movies like they used to do. She studied classical singing and she also plays piano. This nostalgic woman longs for great music, fantastic movies, beautiful clothes, and times when men where gentlemen and women behaved like ladies.

The city of Gothenburg Sweden where Charlotte lives, was founded in 1621. One of the best things of that city are the beautiful buildings. She herself lives in a turn-of-the-century apartment with high ceilings. In addition for her love for movies, music, and past eras, she esteems the spiritual side of her life. Her moral values based on her spiritual beliefs are very important to her. Charlotte was taught to be considerate of others. “I am very sensitive and spiritual – I just wasn’t made for these times,” she says of herself, quoting a song by Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys.

Her passion for vintage started ever since she was a little girl, when she saw her first black-and-white classic movie and upon listening to an evergreen on the radio. “Fortunately for me, Swedish Television used to show lots of black-and-white classics while I was growing up and I was completely enchanted! As soon as I could read, I started reading everything in sight on classic movie, TV, and singing stars. From the start I was fascinated by how very special and wonderful they were!”

One of the reasons why Charlotte loves classic movies was that there was class. "The movies had class, the stars had class, people dressed in a classy way, carried themselves with class, and the music had class. I could go on, but you get my drift!"

For years Charlotte had longed to obtain vintage movie fan magazines, but she didn’t know how to find any, as this was before the Internet. She was so thrilled when finally she was able to unwrap her first vintage issues.

Since then she has managed to obtain 200+ vintage magazines ranging from 1934 to 1981 including Photoplay, Modern Screen, Motion Picture, and Screen Stars. She also has fashion and beauty magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Mademoiselle. “When I immerse myself in a magazine it actually feels like I’m being transported to that day and age. I soak up the energy and atmosphere of that special time and it actually feels very healing and relaxing.”

What do you like and don’t like about the modern world? "I like the fact that communication, information and shopping are so much at our fingertips now, courtesy of the Internet. However, as we all know there is really bad stuff out there as well. I like that music, movie and TV shows are easily available to watch and listen to in the convenience of your home. What I don’t like is the crap they fill the airwaves with these days, the horrible so-called reality shows, bad TV shows, movies filled with nudity and violence, hip-hop and rap. I could go on. Everything is so cheap and vulgar these days."

Charlotte admits that there were problems in the past, but for her the past is infinitely preferable because it had something that has gone entirely missing from the present age, and that is charm. "When I think of living in the 40's and 50's, for instance, I think of living in a much purer and more optimistic atmosphere - an atmosphere filled with charm and beauty, a time where people were attracted to and loved things that were beautiful and sweet and charming! And there was romance and courtship. We are definitely missing out! It's like everything beautiful has been taken out of life."

Charlotte described how her perfect world be. "Good manners and grace, politeness and people being respectful towards each other again. Men being gentlemen treating women like ladies and women behaving like ladies. Great music, fantastic movies, beautiful clothes and hairdos. That sense of charm and beauty that used to be!"

What can we do to make this world a better place to live? "There is a saying that goes, 'Be the change you want to see in the world', and I think that is a very good thing to strive for!"

When Charlotte is not busy lamenting her fate of having to live in a time in which she does not belong or feel comfortable, how does she satisfy her yearning for those times in which she feels she really do belong? "My vintage magazines inspire me! I love books set in past times and time travel books and movies. Then to go along with that is my passion for classic movies and classic TV shows. They make me feel so good! I’ve also found there are several retro and vintage sites on the web. And then there's the music - REAL melodies and singers who could actually sing! And I love to sing those kinds of songs myself!"

Charlotte said the crowning glory to her nostalgic wallowing is, as it should be, makeup, hairstyling, fashion. "I can immerse myself in old magazine pictures for hours. The women were so beautiful back then, their makeup so lovely, their hairstyles so feminine and flattering! What happened?!"

When we asked Charlotte If she had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why. "It would be Hollywood in 1942, because I feel a strong affinity for both the time and the place. To me, it feels like home. She explained, “For quite some years now I have half expected (hoped) that I'll wake up some day and it will be 1942 and I'll be in Hollywood - it'll be a sunny morning (as always) and everyone will laugh when I tell them about my nightmare the night before - that I was living in the future and how things would turn out. I'll laugh along with them while letting out a sigh of relief - it was only a dream, after all!

"Would I travel back in time and live there, if given the chance? In a heartbeat! If anyone is building a time machine, please let me know about it! Meanwhile I’m doing the next best thing to actual time travel – I time travel in my mind to other, more fulfilling times and my means of arriving at my destination are classic movies from the Golden Age of movie-making, vintage movie fan and fashion magazines, great music (classical, evergreens, etc.), and books (I adore books that take me to other times). So even if I cannot go on a physical vacation to my chosen time and place at least I can go there mentally, spiritually and emotionally!"

Her favorite eras and styles, she said are that of the 1940’s and the 1950’s, as well as Victorian and Edwardian times are the closest to her heart.

Another one of Charlotte's spiritual ‘homes’ are London and England in the 1890’s, sort of at the brink between Victorian and Edwardian times. Whenever she reads or watch those stories of Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte said that she will get a special tingle down her spine. "It feels very much like home to me."

Charlotte feels a special affinity for England in many historical eras, such as Victorian, Edwardian, WWI and WWII, as well as the period between the wars. Not to mention the myths surrounding Camelot, King Arthur and his Knights, Shakespeare and his time. She also has a special interest in the 1st Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, John and Sarah Churchill who lived in the 17th and 18th century (some of their ancestors include Winston Churchill and Princess Diana)."

She also has a strong love for all things American. In fact, she even speaks English with an American accent. Charlotte said that she is crazy about the Old West and all its tales. Then she added, "I adore watching western movies and tv shows – provided they’re of the tried-and-true variety and not some horrible modern ‘take’ on the matter. Some of the very best are Rio Bravo and Stagecoach, both starring John Wayne (he’s great!) and on TV - High Chaparral, How The West Was Won, Little House On the Prairie, and Centennial (a mini-series)."

What would you like to bring back from the past? “Great fashion, beautiful hairstyles and makeup, good taste, an appreciation for the beautiful things in life, a sense of what is right and wrong, good manners, a sense of innocence and optimism, great music and fabulous singers, The Golden Age of Hollywood with the kind of classic movies it used to produce and great stars with real talent and larger-than-life personalities.”

When asked if she considers herself a Timewarpian, she answered, "I’m definitely a proud Timewarpian! I have no inclination to follow present trends or mores."

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Charlotte's favorites

Her favorite movies are:

Hollywood Canteen, Stage-Door Canteen, Roman Holiday, Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Star Wars, Rear Window, North by Northwest, The Lady Vanishes, The 39 Steps, Laura, Top Hat, Swing Time, Follow the Fleet, Charade, The Clock.

Some of her favorite actors are:

Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Spencer Tracy. Music by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Jerome Kern, classical music, jazz, pop, evergreens, opera, musicals, Frank Sinatra, Beatles, Beach Boys.

Charlotte's Contact Information

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Lady Estelle T. Barada

New Rochelle, New York

“A true Victorian upholds and values morality and decorum. These are something to learn and endure. It is a state of being, not a club or society.”

As a young girl, Lady Estelle would pretend to go to England and visit the Queen. Now as an adult she has become the true Victorian lady that she has always dreamed of. This passionate woman loves the etiquette and decorum of the Victorian days. She also appreciates her wholesome upbringing and family life.

Lady Estelle describes herself as an adventurous person. She loves attending many functions, like tea and garden parties. She visits museums, flower shows and social events dressed in her Victorian attire. Her passion for Victorian history started when she was a young girl. “I would dream and pretend I was from a wealthy family and could dress in fancy clothes. I would pretend to go to England to visit the Queen. It was from an old nursery rhyme I loved.”

Her mother and father were ordinary and God loving people. They raised three daughters the best they could. Her father was a handyman and her mother was a housekeeper for a wealthy family in Scarsdale, New York. “ My mother passed away at a young age, leaving my father to care for us girls on his own. He was unable to do this, so we were sent to live in a home for children, run by the Catholic Church. It was a wholesome upbringing.”

Lady Estelle works in the hospitality business, catering, tea parties and special events. “My tea room is open for taking of tea and relaxing, listening to music, to read, or just converse with friends."You can always email Lady Estelle for a "Time For Tea" with her!

She also teaches young girls from the ages of 6 to 16 about etiquette and fashions of the Victorian era, which helps them with the pressures of today's society. Lady Estelle started this adventure five years ago. She explained, “I was giving tea parties for my family and Red Hat friends and it was suggested that I dress the part of a Victorian Lady. After much research and meeting many living history re-enactors, I began living the part on a daily basis. My passion for the era and fashion have helped me stay true as an authentic Victorian Lady."

What she loves the most about the Victorian era is that she has found it to be a very romantic time. “The men were so stately and the women were so proper.”

We asked her what it entails to become a true Victorian lady. “A true Victorian upholds and values morality and decorum. These are [things] to learn and endure. It is a state of being, not a club or society.”

She admits that she can’t live without her corset, which is what makes her outfit look it's best. “A true Victorian would not get dresses without it. I also wear many petticoats. On some occasions I will wear a hoop. It would depend on how spacious the event was and if I would be comfortable.”

This Victorian Lady also loves wearing very large hats. Lady Estelle mentioned that the era dictates that you wear a hat and gloves when going out. Some of her wardrobe was acquired from friends and family. And most of her dresses are ordered.

Lady Estelle lives in an old Providence apartment building over looking the city. The building was built in the early 1900's. She describes it as having very high ceiling and large parlor windows. “It has a lovely built-in china cabinet in the dining room. The apartment still has the old cozy charm of it's era. I have decorated my home to reflect my lifestyle. Lots of lace and doilies. Many pictures of ladies in nineteenth century dress grace the walls.”

Lady Estelle had purchased some things of vintage reproduction because she finds the authentic too costly. “I do collect tea pots, cup and tea items. I will spend more for them than I should.”

What inspires Lady Estelle in life are her children.

What are Lady Estelle’s favorite vintage places that inspire her? “I am at home in a tea parlor, museum, antique shop, or flea market.”

We also asked her what she would like to bring home from the past. “The etiquette and decorum of the Victorian days. When men open doors for women, when people enjoyed an old fashion picnic and bike riding.”

Victorian Societies that Lady Estelle belongs to:

VLS Victorian Ladies Society

Rhode Island Historical Society

Red Hat Society

Lady Estelle's Victorian Tea Society

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Lady Estelle

Contact Information:

My website: A Step Back in Time
It is compiled with information on the life and style of a Victorian and how to reenact the era. I also have a tea lover's blog where you can join to socialize with other members with a passion for tea. We share recipes, tea event and tea swaps.

My favorite website is:

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An Interview with Trevlin


"My father has been a wonderful role model - Strong but gentle, ethical, honorable, a model husband and father, and someone to whom others instinctively look up and listen. He and Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird” are my blueprints for what a man should be, both to himself and to his family."

Meet Mr. Trevlin. This passionate and adventurous man appreciates the old-fashioned upbringing that his parents instilled in him. He believes that his whole life is a vintage event. And that an ideal wife should be ladylike without being boring, and adventurous without being a multiple felon.

This is a first at Time Warp Wives. This interview was so fantastic, that we decided to bring it to you unedited!

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Future Strange-Old-Man-from-the-Big-Old-House-on-the-Hill-Who-Comes-Into-Town-Just-Once-a-Month-For-Groceries-in-His-1931-Hispano-Suiza-Limousine-Chauffered-by-an-Inscrutable-Asian-Driver-and-Who-Waits-Behind-Drawn-Curtains-in-the-Back-of-the-Car-for-His-Supplies-to-Be-Loaded-While-Handing-Out-Gold-Coins-to-the-Town-Children-with-One-Buff-Gloved-Hand.

Events, News, Youtube videos or Press Releases links of yourself or website.

There are a lot of them, but they’re all from before 1918. ;)

Where are you from?

Richmond, Virginia, circa 1861, London, England, circa 1914, Frankfurt, Germany, circa 1931, and Chicago, Illinois, circa 1925.

What do you do for a living?
As little as possible.
Actually, I’m a writer for an advertising agency, and I was previously a comic book author and illustrator.

When and how did your passion for vintage get started?
Because I’m small and slender (5’6” and 125lb), nearly all pre-1950s vintage fits me. If I shop in a modern store, I have to resort to the boy’s department.

I bought my first vintage suit in Richmond six years ago. I went into Bygone’s with a lady-friend, and the shopgirl leapt from behind the counter and said, “Don’t move! I have something that will fit you perfectly!”

It was a peak-lapelled, double-breasted black suit from 1943, and it fit like a glove. Given a choice between beautiful vintage and the boy’s department at the Gap, what would you do?

Describe your vintage style. Which are your favorite fashion year styles?
I wear vintage 24/7. The whole shebang - Detachable collars, button boots, braces and waistcoats and pocket watches and so on. My years range from the late 1800s to perhaps 1950, with a sweet spot in the ‘20s and ‘30s.

What appeals you about Time Warp Wives?
Nearly everything, except for the fact that they’re married and it isn’t to me.

Are you attracted to modern or a more traditional woman or both? And why?
Although my nose instinctively wrinkles at the word “modern”, I prefer a subversive combination of both – A lady with an inherent sense of proper form who also knows how to subvert it for mischief.

What will your ideal wife be like?
She should have lovely manners, high morals, a discerning eye, a clever tongue, a busy imagination, and a self-sufficient nature. She should be romantic without being needy, ladylike without being boring, and adventurous without being a multiple felon. ;)

What will you offer as a husband?
The world.

We'd be that charming, colourful couple that makes people say, "Ohh, remember when men and women used to dress/dance/behave that way?" And the most important part is that it would be real.

What are your best attributes?
Talent. Passion. Imagination. Honesty. Adventurousness. Courage. Self-sufficiency. Integrity. A really nice wardrobe. Oh, and modesty. :D

What are your family values?
My parents are a good deal older than those of most people from my generation, so I got one of the last old-fashioned upbringings in the country before the free love generation threw out the baby with the bathwater.

My father has been a wonderful role model - Strong but gentle, ethical, honorable, a model husband and father, and someone to whom others instinctively look up and listen. He and Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird” are my blueprints for what a man should be, both to himself and to his family.

How did you decorate your vintage living space? Describe some of your old-fashioned furnishings.
Goodness, where to begin? My house was built in 1901 and looks as though time stopped around 1929. It even has the original skeleton keys for the doors. Antique furniture. Antique china. Gramophone. Vintage car, vintage boat, vintage lawn mower… You know, the usual stuff.

Tell us about your different websites. Describe briefly what each one entails.
I didn’t even know I had different websites! Why am I always the last to find out?!?

Are you a Timewarpean (definition found at or do you just like to wear vintage, listen to old music, watch old films or dance to the oldies?
Most certainly. I’m using a 1925 calendar, for heaven’s sake! (Check it – The days match.)

Do you have a favorite vintage place or thing that inspires you? For instance a Coffee shop, vintage store, shoes, clothes, collectibles, movie, etc.
My home. I can almost see my Great-Grandparents out of the corner of my eye when I’m there.

Really, nearly anything vintage makes me happy, but that magical feeling that one has stepped back in time is the best thing, wherever it happens.

Have you attended a vintage event? And if you have, what kind of event was it? And what did you like the most about the event.
My whole life is a vintage event! ;)

I attend any vintage show I can find, and I‘ve gone everywhere from the local thrift shop to Paris shopping for vintage.

I go out dancing quite a bit (my favourite band is the Prohibition Orchestra of Chicago) and will Charleston at the drop of a hat.

I go to vintage events like the Hudson River train trip to the Blue Lantern dancehall or the Ragtime Ball at the Flying Cloud Academy. I’d like to get over to England for their vintage event season - the Goodwood Revival and so forth.

Anything that’s happening the old-fashioned way, I’m there for it. Except maybe having my appendix out.

If you had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why?
It would the first morning of spring, somewhere around 1912. Birds are shaking the dew off of their wings on the high, green hedge around my house. Someone is baking bread. My hands give off the scent of the talcum my wife uses to powder her arms. In the distance, at the bandstand on the green, the town band is practicing for tonight's dance, playing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" without any irony whatsoever…

What would you like to bring back from the past?

I’d bring back manners. Earnestness. A code of conduct. A recording of Buddy “King” Bolden. My wife, and a whole lot of clothing.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miss Red Lips


“Even though we can't step into a time capsule and travel back to the 40's or 50's, we can start creating worlds within our world.”

This California gal is the author of the new blog “MissRedLips.” Besides her love for vintage movies, decorating and dark chocolates. She is a licensed cosmetologist, who loves to wear red lipstick. Read on about how wearing red lipstick has effected her life and her confidence.

Mrs. Red Lips lives in California wine country, where she is surrounded by the beautiful scenery and fine wine. She is a licensed cosmetologist who works for a cosmetic line full-time. She is also a full-time doggie mom of her two baby Shih-Tzus!

She enjoys many hobbies besides hairstyling and makeup artistry. Mrs. Red Lips loves attending vintage events, cooking, reading, blogging, watching I Love Lucy, vintage movies, shopping for unique vintage hair accessories and jewelry, decorating, dark chocolate, wine tasting, going to great comedy clubs, fine dining with Mr. Red Lips, going for walks with her puppies, and finding new red lipstick colors to try out.

She explained why she started her MissRedLips blog.
“When there is nobody in your life who shares a passion for retro things the first place you go for support and inspiration is the web, right? Well I wanted to start my blog to connect with other woman who enjoy the same things I do. That way we can learn and share our knowledge and have a place to connect with others around the world.”

Another reason why she also started MissRedLips blog, was because she truly believes that even though we can't step into a time capsule and travel back to the 40's or 50's, we can start creating worlds within our world. “I wanted my blog to be a world of glamour so you can escape out of the modern world for a little bit of time”, she added.

We asked her what made her choose the title MissRedLips for her blog.
“Personally, I didn't find my own glamour until I put on red lipstick for the first time. It literally changed my life and the way I viewed myself!” That was when she realized how women who wore red lipstick felt confident, beautiful, and glamorous! She started receiving tons of compliments every time she put on her red lips.

Many women would tell Mrs. Red Lips how they wish they could wear red lipstick too, but that they didn't have the confidence to “pull the red lip look off.”

“At first it seemed silly to think that lipstick could actually change your confidence and how people view you, but it really does! So my goal is to share what wearing red lipstick has done for me and how it's effected my life. Also, to encourage women to take control of their happiness. Create the life you want, even if it may not be what's 'in style' right now. I don't care when red lipstick is the trend or when it's not, because it's always going to be in style for me.”

In her MissRedLips blog, she features everything on how to apply great red lips, tips on etiquette, vintage hair techniques, cooking, her own styles from day to day, and much more. “Red lipstick is just my personal symbol for vintage and retro things I adore, but I feature much more besides posts concerning lipstick.”

Her passion for vintage started when she was about ten years old and started watching I Love Lucy. “I started collecting memorabilia from the show in antique shops with my grandparents. I was always fascinated by the hairstyles and clothing I saw. I loved how the characters spoke and how everything seemed less stressful than the lives many of us lead today.”

Mrs. Red Lips started her passion for red lipstick also when she was very young, about 6 years old. She started taking jazz, tap, and ballet classes when she was four years old. "Each year I would be in a recital. It was required for all the girls to have on blush and red lipstick with our costumes. I loved when my mom put the makeup on me. I started asking her everyday if she could put it on me again, but she told me it was only for recital days. So looking back now, I guess I was destined to have a blog titled MissRedLips!”

Mrs. Red Lips listed for us her likes and dislikes of the modern world.
“I like all the conveniences we have and instant gratification that's available. I don't like how stressed everyone seems to be and how balance is lacking in a lot of our lives. I'm old fashioned in the sense I believe one parent should take care of the children. I think parenting skills have gone out the window. I don't like how rude many people are. I wish we could once again embrace manners and etiquette. I love cell phones for many practical reasons. I'm also thankful for all the advances in healthcare and science. I don't like a lot of the clothing in the modern world. This list could be never ending!”

She said that she isn’t a Timewarpian. She said that she likes to take the best of both worlds and make it her own to best fit her lifestyle. Her favorite vintage style is of the 40's and early 50's. She also loves watching old movies and listening to Doris Day! “That is my escape into another world!”

When asked to describes herself, Mrs. Red Lips said, “Bringing back the glamour of decades gone by while keeping up with the modern world, and doing it all with my red lipstick on.”

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Mrs. Red Lips

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Year 1955

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

“Many people are not actually homemakers anymore and there is no positive portrayal of it or discussion of it. It is often seen as degrading or limiting to women. It is a shame, as the home is the base to build future people for a better world.”

Author and time-traveler of the “My Year 1955” blog, is sharing her passion for that old time 1955 homemaker lifestyle. Learn , enjoy, and get inspired as this 50’s Gal discovers the beauty and challenges of being a successful homemaker.

This time-traveling homemaker lives in Massachusetts on Cape Cod with her husband, three dogs, and parakeet. “I am a full-time homemaker which means I am a chef, an interior decorator, a psychologist, a domestic, an artist, gardener, landscape designer, builder, handyman, and, quite honestly, the list goes on!”

50’s Gal started "My Year 1955", a year-long project to see what it would be like to live as a 1955 homemaker within the confines of what is possible in modern times. Other reasons for starting her project have to do with her curiosity and love of history - history of everything from fashion, to domesticity, to political thought. “It was a way to really immerse myself into a specific year in history in a decade that has much 'mystique' about it. It has since begun to be a life-style change and a new way of thinking and living.”

Her fascination with the 50’s vintage era started when she was planning a party with a 1950's theme. “It just struck a note for me, and since then, I found the decade. So many things are expected, blamed, cherished, mocked, adored, copied from this one decade that it seems almost to be a sort of Camelot and Avalon rolled into one.”

She documents her project in her "My Year 1955" blog, which she refers to as her public companion to her project. “I discuss things I have done or would like to do as a homemaker. I always try to feature 'current' news pertinent to that day in 1955. In this research I have really begun to see how it is that we have arrived where we are today in 2009. I often include recipes I have tried with variations I like to make. Sewing, cleaning, gardening, decorating, all of these are incorporated in my blog. I sort of like to treat it as if I am publishing a small magazine for a vintage homemaker, though I have no staff save myself. I encourage anyone to drop by and I really consider it all our blog, as I have learned much as I know other readers have from the comments from readers. I like to call it our international vintage coffee klatch. So, stop on by!”

“My Year 1955” project, begun on January 1, 2009, which became January 1, 1955. “I think I remember feeling giddy and excited when I awoke. Christmas was not that long ago, so I sort of had that familiar Christmas morning feeling one has as a child. The excitement of 'I wonder what will be awaiting me downstairs'. The first day was really probably the most magical on some level, although I think I have grown so much in the past three months that is seems years away. I remember the joy of feeling I was allowed to wear my hat and gloves and petticoat out to do my marketing.”

She began to plan for the project during the month of December, 2008. In her pre-project she began gathering items such as vintage coffee maker and dishes, hats and dresses etc. “I had dressed vintage sometimes in the past, but I really saved all of these things for this first day of 1955. I even had set up my kitchen on new years day night, so that when I awoke I would find a 1950's kitchen. I think I initially reached to use the microwave, it is built in and could not be removed for the project unfortunately, as I used to use it to cook bacon and had to stop myself. Really, that first day was so full of promise, but looking back only three months I feel I really have lived a lot of life since then. I have learned so much and am still on the verge of hoping learning so much more.”

Her project's rules requires her to try and maintain as much 1950’s as is realistically possible. “I find this easier in some areas, such as dress. As I have collected up enough things to wear vintage clothes, this is the easiest and often most fun part of the project.”

Here is a general list of “My Year 1955” rules:

1. Only vintage appliances and dishes. Only what was available then, which is surprisingly much of what we have today. (One exception is the microwave. It came out in 1955 but would be equivalent to around $5000.00 in modern money!)

2. Vintage clothing including stockings and garters and undergarments. Through reading my vintage magazines I did find that not all women were wearing pearls and dresses while cleaning their homes.

3. Limited computer use (for my blog and research).

4. No modern TV or movies. Anything up to and before 1955 in movies and TV and books.

5. No debit cards or credit cards, cash and checks only. This has been the hardest so far and the most often broken. Although I do not use credit cards in the modern world, the debit card has become a spending crutch for me.

At first, 50’s Gal would type up her blogs on one of her husbands vintage typewriters and he would post for her on the internet. But she now feels so close to her blogger friends and it has become an important element and tool in the project. “Originally it had been about authenticity, now it is about discovery. Finding out why people did and thought. What news they read and what they saw in their magazines and on their TVs. The project has sort of grown beyond a need of restrictive rules and more into discovering how by letting go of some things for this project, it is actually enriching my life and may be a good idea for anyone today, [whether] it is 1955 or 2009.”

50’s Gal homemaker duties pertain to the home and garden. “I am responsible for meal planning and food buying. I do all the laundry and maintain the home.” She feels that cleaning and decorating her home is her responsibility and her domain. A typical week for her is as follows:

Everyday: Make beds, sweep and mop kitchen floor, tidy rooms, and put away any accumulated clutter from the previous night. Meal planning and prep work for breakfast, a packed lunch for hubby, and dinner and dessert. Dishes.

Monday: Laundry day (though this does involve a machine and dryer, as they did have them in 1950s it is still an all day chore). For now it involves such things as table linens (tablecloths and napkins) shower curtains, and can include various sofa covers, etc. I am more thorough now and try to follow the practices in my vintage home keeping manuals. This is often a day that I may bake for the next few days as I am pretty much home all day with the laundry. I also plan and make my schedule for the week on Monday.

Tuesday: Ironing. This is separate from wash day for me, as it would be too tedious to do it the same day. Although old ironing practices have you wrapping things damp with starch and placing in the fridge, I simply collect up a basket of things needed ironing on Monday to address on Tuesday - shirts, skirts, sheets, table linens, etc.

Wednesday: Clean bathrooms and do all floors.

Thursday: sewing and mending. I am beginning to make my own clothing and am now not putting as many things in the rag bag, but instead am fixing socks and holes to keep a garment longer. A 1955 homemaker can not throw out a shirt and go to old navy and replace it for 5 dollars. Respect of clothing and repair and respect of ones budget is important and thus is reflected in mending over buying new to replace.

Friday: Marketing for the coming week. Baking again. Every other Saturday my friend and I switch turns at a Vintage dinner. When it is my turn, I use Friday to plan and make out the meal and goodies we will share as a group Saturday evening.

Saturday and Sunday: Are often open to various things that got put off or need re-addressing from the week. My hubby is off and we like to have time together. I usually plan a fairly large Breakfast/Brunch (bacon and eggs and kedgeree, tomatoes and sausage waffles and or pancakes) Sunday that we eat later in the morning as it is our 'sleep in day'. I would like to make this schedule more specific and now with spring coming, yard work and gardening will be added to the list.

50’s Gal said that her best housewife attribute would be her creativity, and that her co-attribute is her ability to just charge into something full speed. “I think these two qualities that are inherent in my personality really are a boon to a homemaker. The vast skill-set and immense demands required for this profession require much creative thinking. To make a home and not just a house, one has to be a bit of a dreamer and, of course, a doer. You have to visualize how you see your home and then have the creative abilities to carry it out."

She also added being a creative and daring homemaking can be one of the most adventurous professions and truly rewarding. And that many people may scoff at homemaking today, and that is because they do not know what it actually is.

And like any other homemaker, 50’s Gal also have her bad days. “Certainly I have bad days or may not feel like doing something, like ironing, but before going to sleep and upon waking I have a very real sense of purpose. The managing and growing and caring for a household, though it is only right now a household of two, is a challenge, but one of interest and activity.”

Her project had made her realize some realities.“ I think the only thing I dislike about it so far has been that I cannot actually go there. There is a yearning, I think many of us who love vintage, have. But, I am beginning to see this is not a yearning for the past or people we don't know, but a need to make a new kind of future. A new sense of place in one's community and family that is really lacking. That gives me hope and makes me less melancholy for an actual time-machine.”

There are many things that this 50’s Gal likes about her 1955 experience. “I like that moment in the morning when the coffee begins to perk away and the bacon sizzles and fills the kitchen with its aroma. The simple pride I feel at breakfast when I sit down to a full meal of hot food and coffee with linen napkins and have an half an hour good discussion with my husband before he leaves for work. The late afternoon in my studio with the sun streaming in, my dogs asleep on the little yellow sofa, my parakeet singing away, and my books and magazines spread out before me, a cup of tea and my notebook. My pen poised to check off things I wish to share with my readers, or that recipe I want to try, oh, yes, there is that sauce I have been meaning to get to. The kitchen table littered with books and magazines propped open, bowls and pans strewn about, a mixer in my hand, mad scientist at work on some new concoction. The quiet serenity of freshly cleaned counters and newly mopped floors. The feel of clean ironed sheets that make one feel a guest in a fine hotel of which you have never to check out. There are lots of little moments in the day of a homemaker that are little vignettes of happy busy solitude. If they could be captured or framed up as art, I am sure they would be not unlike something by Currier & Ives or Norman Rockwell.”

She shares some of her favorite vintage things and inspiration. "I love the movie Mr. Blandings Builds a Dream House, as it just sort of hits a note with me. I can really see my husband and myself being that couple if we lived then. The humor, the house building, the decorating, the family, it just seems to feel good and I have watched it many times.”

She also loves her girdle and stockings. “An older person said to my vintage friend and I recently, 'I can't believe you choose to wear that thing' (as they had to wear them back in the day) and I said, 'I think because we don't have to wear it, it is more enjoyable, but I love how it feels as if it is sort of hugging me through the day.' "

50’s Gal also said that she will never go back to pantyhose. She is very tall (almost 6 '), and she could never find nylons that would fit properly. “With stockings, they are a dream. In fact my girdle and stockings are so comfortable and I have become so accustomed to wearing heels, that I have caught myself in the middle of my housework still in my heels and stockings, if I had forgot to change after my shopping.”

This 50’s Gal also loves her vanity, which it is made up of vintage things, like her three-way fold mirror and her etched glass jewel boxes. “I feel the most vintage and lady-like when I am set at my vanity with all my pretty things and jewels in their place. Perfume bottles, the scent of Channel no. 5 my silver comb and hand mirror. It makes you sit down and take stock of yourself before you start your day or an evening out. Never again will I lean perched over a sink under harsh light trying to put on makeup while my products fall all over the bathroom floor. No thank you.”

50’s Gal describes her personal 1955 style as a very conservative classic. “I like full skirts and petticoats, but also well fit jackets and pencil skirts. Tweed is a must. Silk scarves. A lady must have a hankie. Gloves and pillbox hats. I enjoy fur, both coat and wraps (even those opposed to fur can wear vintage, as the poor animal has been gone so long, it would be a waste to dispose of it after all that). I wear dungarees and trousers and flats to clean, I garden in an old flannel shirt of my hubby's tied at the waist, straw hat and gardening gloves. I adore coats and have a few swing coats as well as my beloved fur I received for this valentines day 1955. I am not the 'cutesy' style mave. I think flirty dresses with cherries and such are darling, but I think I may be too old to really pull them off. I prefer more staid mature colors and patterns. I think my clothing choice would be somewhere between Katherine Hepburn and the mother on Father Knows Best."

One discovery she found due to this project is cold cream. “It is wonderful and does wonders for your skin. I won't be paying for overpriced modern skin creams and ointments anymore. It works great to remove makeup and a daily face wash. It really leaves your skin soft.” She uses face powder and liquid eyeliner to make the fuller lash line of the era. “I tried false eyelashes, which I enjoy wearing but can't seem to get the knack of the glue! I mean to start having a specific day every week where I give myself a proper manicure. I do try and keep polish on most days.” 50’s Gal often sets her hair 2-3 times a week. She wears her hair up in a French twist or a ponytail for housework or in a headscarf.

She and her vintage friend take turns on every Saturday making a vintage meal and of course dress vintage and try to do something vintage, as play cards, listen to records etc. “I hope one day to see if I could form a sort of Vintage Club in my area. I even have a venue I could use as our clubhouse. We shall see if that could become a reality.”

What have you learned so far about your project. “I have learned so much already from my project and I am only three months in. There is really too much to list. I say check out my blog to see what I have learned, what I hope to learn, and what I probably will learn in the 'future'. Responsibility for your actions, maturity, organization, respect these are basic elements to a well-adjusted adult and I feel I am really just learning them now or at least learning what they really mean and how to improve upon them.”

We asked her what advice would she give to anyone that want to do a project like this.
“I think I would recommend anyone try it at least. And if not to the extreme I am going, at least look back. Read the history, fiction, and magazines of earlier generations to better understand your own. It will help you to bring back things that maybe should not have been left by the wayside and to appreciate what you have now that those generations did not have. Many times you may find you don't actually need the things we now believe we cannot live without. I think history and study and education (even self-disciplined education) is important for anyone in any walk of life. And I really hope that whatever vintage may mean or come to be, that in looking back we can all have the knowledge to plan forward."

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Mark Davids

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“On my free time you can find me always at antique shops and at antique street markets. I never watch the news, I never listen to modern things. You can say I have not much with this modern world today.”

Mark is a historic consultant and works as a Senior of Security in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. This guest is not only passionate about history, but he believes in an old fashion lifestyle, etiquette, and being a true gentleman.

Besides his work, Mark is studying integral security management at the Hogeschool Utrecht . He is also hoping to start studying history next year at the university. Mark speaks Dutch, English, and German. And he describes himself as a friendly and honest person.

Mark’s passion for vintage started about 15 years ago. “I started slowly to decorate my house with 19th century furniture.” Mark said that he loves almost everything pre-war. The cars, the trains, the fashion, the films, architecture, but as well the behavior of people.

His website, “The True Gentleman“, is all about how a proper old fashioned gentlemen should behave, how he should be dressed and how he should interact with other people. Mark said that being a true gentleman is a lifestyle to be lived 24 hours a day, it is a behavior, a passion to oneself, to other people, as well a way of thinking and dressing.

Mark belongs to a history group called the “Historical Consultancy 30-45”. Which is a historical advice service about life in the first half of the 20th century and especially the years 1930 – 1945. Mark also belongs to “Club Interbellum” (The interbellum is the period between two wars). This club is for Nostalgists (people who put their nostalgic feelings into practice) and for anyone that are interested in the decades of the 20‘s, 30‘s, and 40‘s. Besides those historical eras, Mark is also fascinated with the Victorian period.

This true gentleman also has an eye for fashion and style. He describes his vintage style as “old-fashioned“, but not conservative. “My style is pre- war from 1900 till 1940”. We asked Mark what is his favorite period for fashion. “Very hard to say. Something more Victorian, something 1930's. But I think the end of the 1930's I love the most,” which by the way, is the style he wears daily. Mark will never leave his home without his hat.

Mark considers himself to be a Timewarpian. “Yes indeed, I do noting else. I never watch news, I never listen to modern things. You can say I have not much with this modern world today.” His house is decorated in complete 1900‘s styles, as well as some "modern" things like a 1930’s era radio and a gramophone. Mark certainly lives a 100% nostalgic lifestyle!

The types of vintage events that Mark enjoys are anything that has a pre-war theme. He also spends time with his history group where they go to a cinema, spends a weekend at a 1930’s airport , or enjoys listening to old music. “On my free time you can find me always at antique shops, antique streets market. We have here daily in Amsterdam the Waterlooplein market. That is for sure my favorite vintage place.”

We asked Mark If he had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why. “I like to start in 1900 just the end of the Victorian time until the time I am 25 years old to be best time ever to go to out in the Jazz Age of the 1920's, and in the 1930's to settle down.”

What would you like to bring back from the past? “For sure the fashion. The old fashion just make the people more beautiful then they are in modern clothes. We lost a lot from the pre-war period.” And besides the old fashion clothes Mark believes that we should bring back the old fashion behavior, which would make everything easier in life.

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Mark Davids

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Mark's personal website: The True Gentleman

Mark's appearance on Dutch Television Broadcast: Youtube

His Flickr page: Mark's Photos

His Myspace page: Mark's Myspace

Club Interbellum: Club Interbellum Photos

Saturday, January 3, 2009


South Florida

"I'm not sure if I can really define a "time warp wife". However what I seem to like best is a woman who lives in the modern world but retains the civility, and ideals of the 'time warp' world."

Writer and columnist Leonard from South Florida describes what his ideal wife would be like. Although Leonard doesn't considers himself a Timewarpian, he appreciates the civility and ideals of the past.

Leonard is from Washington DC, but now resides in South Florida. He works in PR and also as an advertising manager for a real estate investment company. He is also a paid columnist and a writer. “I get dressed up in a suit and tie every day!” he says.

His hobbies are writing, reading, and people watching. He admits that he surfs the web a bit too much. That's how he found our Time Warp Wives website. Leonard said that he enjoys the martini bar/ mohito bar. And that he is hoping to find a good salsa partner. He also likes to travel locally. He'll occasionally visit the casino, or travel to South Beach, Miami. He also attends religious services and likes to spend time with his parents.

We asked Leonard what appeals to him about Time Warp Wives.
“I'm not sure if I can really define a 'time warp wife'. However, what I seem to like best is a woman who lives in the modern world but retains the civility, and ideals of the 'time warp' world. Unfortunately, I usually seem to find uber-feminists. I like independent, well-spoken women. I don't want women to step backwards. I want both women and men to remember manors, and common decency lost from our nations recent past.”

Leonard said that he is attracted to a woman that is both modern and traditional. Then he explained what his ideal wife would be like. “Someone who is not looking for a hero or an escape, or to be completed, just a woman who needs a man, and a mate for life.” Leonard said that as a husband he will offer his honesty, integrity, and loyalty. His best attributes are that he is very patient, entrepreneurial, and he has a great sense of humor. He is also a good cook, and good to kids and pets.

Leonard describes what his dream family life would be like: “A small place in the city, private school for the children, careers for both the wife and husband, with plenty of time for the children.” His family values are to support and sacrifice for wife and children.

We asked Leonard why he considers himself as a future Time Warp Husband. “I live in a modern age, yet embody the best of the past era.”

Leonard's passion for vintage started from his father who collects antique cars, antique radios, and still uses a typewriter. One of Leonard’s favorite vintage finds is his 1930’s tube radio with a lit dial. He turns it on every night. And his favorite vintage style is of the 60’s suits as seen in Madmen on TV.

When asked if he considers himself a Timewarpian he said, “I don't live in the past, but I seek to take the best from it."

Then we asked Leonard if he had a chance to go back in time, what year would that be and why.
“Late 50's-60's. The style, and the time, society was at its intellectual peak.”

Why does he like the 50s and 60s eras?

“OK, there were some bad things about the era, racism, etc, and yet there were so many good things too. Aside from people who chose to dress up and wear a suit and tie and hat, rather than a Megadeth t-shirt and flip flops, there was much more civility. People had a common pride in the nation. It was a time of optimism and not pessimism. Downtowns were booming, cars were works of art. People got dressed up to go to the theater, to go on an airplane, or on train, and to a religious service. In schools, getting good grades was something others looked to in a positive way. Service to the country, and patriotism was considered to be positive. A man could have an agreement with another man on a handshake and not via a lawyer's order. People actually read books and the newspaper objectively. Quite a few things.”

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